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Treating People, not Diseases.

Prof. Wang Qi from Beijing University explains the story behind the Body Type System One of the most fascinating treatment methods in TCM is to determine the Body Constitution Type. Oriental Balance is working with this system, because it enables the doctor to identify the optimal treatment for every patient. Even more importantly, it gives the patient the chance to understand… Read more →

What to eat in summer

This time I’d like to take a special look at the diet during the summer season: which foods are best consumed or avoided in order to maximise your health and get the most out of those precious summer months? The Bitter Truth Summer is a time for happiness and bitterness, at least as far as food is concerned. From an… Read more →

Stay Healthy in Summer

We believe that a healthy life requires us to live in balance with nature. When it comes to seasons it’s important to understand the character of the season to leverage its force and minimize imbalances.   The Nature of Summer Element – Fire Color – Red Nature – Yang
 Direction – South Energy Flow – Spreading Outward Emotion – Joy… Read more →