Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chinese Medicine Body Type?
A body type is a classification into different body types in order to provide guidance for creating medical, nutritional, psychotherapeutic, or exercise programs for each individual. It is based on ancient Chinese medicine knowledge developed over 2,000 years ago.


I do not understand my result. Can you explain it to me?
Our body type test generates a result based on your answers. The primary body type is the more dominant body type you have and is the one you should consider when amend your lifestyle and nutrition. Our secondary body type differs in some cases where your primary body type is not prevailing. If you have more questions feel free to send us an email to


I purchased a test and report, but could not download my report. Where do I find it?
Please send an email to with the email address you have used to purchase your test and report. We will send you your customized report.


I would like to improve my health. What should I do?
After you have completed our body type test there are several ways for you to proceed. If you have a slight imbalance in your health you might want to try our TCM teas to bring your body type into a balanced constitution. Should you feel very uncomfortable or suffer from a long-term health condition, you might want to book our online Chinese medicine doctor consultation.