Heavy & Humid

The Heavy & Humid Body Constitution mainly originates from a weakness in the spleen. An imbalanced and weakened spleen can result in food and water not being effectively digested and absorbed. The undigested and non-absorbed food and water become “Phlegm”, (the Chinese Medicine term for metabolic waste), creating an inner “Heaviness”, whereas the damp and wet part of the undigested food creates an inner “Humidity”. The Phlegm is then stored in the body and eventually inundates the organs.

Over weight, cardiovascular diseases, high blood sugar levels, hypertension and high cholesterol levels are common to individuals with a Heavy and Humid Body Constitution, as their diet is sometimes rich and high in sugar/salt. Less severe ailments include skin impurities, undesirable odor, excessive sweating, or inertia, that collectively impact the overall attractiveness and health of a person.


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