Know Your Body Constitution – Stay Healthy

Since arriving from the UK five years ago, Sophie always felt most comfortable during the Hong Kong winter. It was during these cool months when she did not sweat so much and got relief from the skin problems that seemed to magically develop whenever the humidity went up. None of her friends experienced the same challenges however, so why do friends living in very similar circumstances face very different health issues?


Chinese Medicine Body Constitution


In Chinese Medicine the ancient concept of Body Constitutions has been used for thousands of years to explain such differences and address day-to-day health issues that in their sum can have a significant impact onto our lives.

Explains Judy Xu, Chinese Medicine Nutritionist at Oriental Balance Limited: “Our individual Body Constitution is the result of our DNA, our lifestyle and the environment we live in. Understanding our body and the impact of our life circumstances allows us to address our current health issues and take a holistic approach towards prevention in the future”.


The Path to Balance and Health


Once she fully understood her Hot & Humid Body Constitution, Sophie immediately started to alter her lifestyle and habits. She cut down on spicy foods and replaced her daily English breakfast tea with a cooling Chinese herbal tea.

More challenging she also started to reduce the weekly alcohol intake to eliminate the humidity inside her body. ”Her lifestyle changes helped to reduce the humidity in Sophie’s body which is the cause of the excessive sweating and the skin impurities”, suggest Judy.



In Balance with Nature


Leveraging Chinese Medicine and understanding your Body Constitution is a mild and long-term approach to improve health and live a life that is in balance with nature.